Hear It From the People Who Know Best

The atmosphere is friendly and VERY supportive.  Over a week's time frame,  I get a great mix of cardio, strength,  stability, and of course, fun and local friendships! Anne's style is extremely helpful because she provides modifications for any of the classes where I need it. She also encourages me to improve my overall health outside of the Studio. Definitely a 5 Star rating!

Rise and Shine Fitness is a friendly and welcoming place for all fitness levels, catering to those just starting on a new fitness path, as well as challenging seasoned fitness buffs and everyone in between. Anne makes fitness fun, but also pushes each member toward new goals and accomplishments. I highly recommend her personal training sessions and wide variety of classes!

Rise and Shine has been a part of my morning routine for almost 10 years. The classes are always changing which is nice because you never get bored, even if you are going into a strength class and you think you are going to just be using weights, there is always some new ‘toy’ or piece of equipment taken out to use.. Anne and the rest of the members of this gym are the best part of my day.  They push me to be my best! If you are thinking of making a change in your health, Rise and Shine is the place to do it! 

I have been a member for three plus years.

I cannot imagine going anywhere else,I'm the kind of person who loves classes and that special attention I receive at Rise and Shine.I could go on forever but will simply say my strength, endurance, and overall health has been changed ,

Thank you for all the support.

I have been a member of rise and shine for 10 years and can't imagine going anywhere else.  I love the variety of classes, the enthusiastic, encouraging and motivating instructors who really care and push you to do your best.  The specialty classes such as TRX and TRX BC are challenging yet you really feel like you have accomplished something when you leave.  All the classes are very well choreographed and timed to the minute so there is no wasting any time - the workouts are effective and efficient!