Personal Training 

Not sure where to begin on your path to Fitness? 

Do you need extra motivation? ~ Do you have a specific goal? 

Do you have limitations from a previous injury or accident? 

Has your exercise routine hit a plateau?

All these questions may lead you to hire a Personal Trainer. I can help 

you get motivated, focus on your goals, and change your body! Whether you are new to fitness, or exercise has been part of your lifestyle for years, a specific and unique to you approach may be all your body is craving!


My experience as a Small Business Owner and Group Fitness Instructor has brought me great joy in working closely with all my members on a personal level. If you are looking for a dedicated, motivated, enthusiastic, Personal Trainer, who will share in your excitement when you progress or hit your goal, then don't delay any further. Take some time with me for your initial assessment. Together we can find a path that is safe and right for you! Results are based on your efforts, but I will be right there with you to guide and assess you along the way! 


Personal Training sessions can be done at the Rise and Shine Fitness Studio or in the comfort of your home. 

Your 1½ Hour Initial, No Obligation, Fitness Assessment includes:


• Assess Heart Rate

• Body Composition Assessment

• Cardiorespiratory Analysis

• Muscular Fitness Testing

• Muscle Specific Flexibility Testing


Additional Services:

Nutritional Assessment

30 Minute Individual "Power Boost" Session

Specific Assessments (Upper Body, Core, Flexibility)

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